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Why is the Lyle Road Project Important?

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The current condition of Lyle Road is a negative economic development factor for Weatherford. Roadways are often the first impression for visitors, potential new businesses, and future residents. 

Lyle Road has become an increasingly important artery for traffic in the City of Weatherford. New housing areas surrounding Rader Park have increased the traffic pressure on Lyle Road, especially from Davis Street to Lawter Road. The improved Rader Park recreation facilities, including softball fields, Kiwanis Baseball Complex, Dawson Baseball Field, Eagle Baseball Field, Loomis Soccer Complex, Ole Fishin’ Hole Lake and Disc Golf Course, Sand Plum Walking/Running Trail, B.O.P. Ram Rodeo Grounds, Prairie West Golf Club, BancFirst Toddler Park, Rader Park Skate Park, Rader Park Tennis Courts, and the Weatherford Splash Pad have driven more traffic than ever before in Weatherford to the area. Lyle Road is also a secondary route to the Stafford Air & Space Museum. The increased traffic has negatively impacted Lyle Road. The wear and tear on the quality of the road is obvious, and will get worse unless it is reconstructed.

The Lyle Road region also presents a significant storm water drainage problem to the homes in this area. Intense rains of normal amounts cause flooding and near-flooding in some housing areas adjacent to Lyle Road. The reconstruction of Lyle Road will address this issue by improving storm water drainage pathways, adding curbs and gutters, which will move the storm water in a more efficient manner through new drainage pipes to reduce flooding problems during normal rain events.

The Lyle Road project will cost more than the city can finance without the help of additional revenue.

  • This tax is estimated to produce approximately $1 to $1.2 Million each year (depending on sales tax receipts)

  • Proceeds of this ½ cent sales tax will be used exclusively for the reconstruction and improvement of Lyle Road, with any remainder restricted to be used only on other road and drainage improvements in the City of Weatherford

  • Sales tax term: 6 years

  • Sales tax is a fair way to finance this type of project. Visitors to Weatherford (many use Lyle Road) who make sales tax eligible purchases will help with this project. The total cost of the reconstruction does not fall solely on the citizens of Weatherford.

  • This tax will widen Lyle Road to 4 lanes and include curb and gutter for better storm water control

  • The City of Weatherford will sell bonds to make most of the projected funding available sooner to speed up the construction process

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